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vCloud Express
from Terremark

It’s perfect for smaller businesses, individual departments, rapid prototyping, developers who want to code, test and stage in a reliable and scalable cloud environment or anyone who needs the power of the cloud in the palm of their hand.

vCloud Express brings the costs of virtualization down to a level anyone can afford. Plus, because you pay only for what you use, it’s easy to tailor a custom system that’s right for you while controlling virtualization costs. Users can even add or delete capacity as needed, all in a matter of minutes.

vCloud Express Pricing Overview

The following table shows the billing resources available for vCloud Express.

Servers * See server pricing matrix below
System Storage $0.25/month per GB (billed with virtual machine)
Additional Storage $0.25/month per GB
Public IP Addresses $0.01/hour per IP
Internet Services $0.01/hour per service
Internet Bandwidth $0.17 per transferred GB
Software Subscription * See software subscription matrix below
Priority Support Greater of $500 or 20% of usage fees


The hourly price of your servers depends on their deployed virtual processors (VPUs), memory, system storage configuration, and operating system. System storage is preconfigured on the standard vCloud Express deployment templates but can be configured if you create a blank server and install your own operating system. System storage is priced at $0.25/month per GB (prorated hourly).

The following matrices show the hourly VPUs and memory pricing options:

Unlicensed Servers

Memory1 VPU2 VPUs4 VPUs8 VPUs
0.5GB $0.035 $0.040 $0.045 $0.049
1GB $0.060 $0.070 $0.080 $0.100
1.5GB $0.090 $0.105 $0.120 $0.135
2GB $0.120 $0.141 $0.161 $0.200
4GB $0.217 $0.271 $0.301 $0.359
8GB $0.401 $0.482 $0.567 $0.634
12GB $0.602 $0.686 $0.762 $0.824
16GB $0.803 $0.844 $0.899 $0.932

Licensed Windows Servers (Web, Standard, or Enterprise Editions)

Memory1 VPU2 VPUs4 VPUs8 VPUs
0.5GB $0.042 $0.048 $0.054 $0.059
1GB $0.072 $0.084 $0.096 $0.120
1.5GB $0.108 $0.126 $0.144 $0.162
2GB $0.144 $0.170 $0.194 $0.240
4GB $0.261 $0.326 $0.362 $0.431
8GB $0.482 $0.579 $0.681 $0.761
12GB $0.723 $0.824 $0.915 $0.989
16GB $0.964 $1.013 $1.079 $1.119

Additional Storage

To expand the capacity of your server’s storage you can add additional storage through the server configuration wizard; scaling up to 15 total partitions and 7 TB. Additional storage is priced at $0.25/month per GB.

Public IP Addresses

With vCloud Express you can activate public IP addresses that stay persistent with your environment until you no longer need them. Each activated public IP address is priced at $0.01/hour.

Internet Services

Internet Services allow you to configure a public IP address’s Internet protocol and communication port so your servers can be reached from the Internet. With the Internet Services feature you also can enable network load balancing across multiple servers.

Internet Services are priced at $0.01/hour per Internet service. There are no additional fees to use the load-balancing feature, and you may add as many servers (nodes) to each Internet service as you wish.


Internet bandwidth is billed based on data transferred in and out of your vCloud Express public IP addresses. The price for bandwidth is $0.17/GB transferred.

Subscription Software

For convenience we’ve provided vCloud Express customers prebuilt server templates that contain licensed subscription software. When you deploy or change the configuration of a server using one of these templates we will let you know the price of the licensed software before you complete the process. The following matrix shows the prices for our licensed subscription software:

Software1 to 4 VPU Servers5 to 8 VPU Servers
Windows Template + SQL 2008 Web (64-Bit) $19/month $38/month
Windows Template + SQL 2008 Standard (64-Bit) $246/month $492/month

Priority Support

Priority Support allows you to call our 24x7 cloud support team for assistance with urgent issues. The service can be enabled at anytime through your vCloud Express user interface. The price for Priority Support is the greater of $500 or 20 percent of your usage fees in a given month.