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vCloud Express
from Terremark
The Power of the Cloud at Your Fingertips

Terremark’s vCloud Express brings you flexible, high-performance computing the way you need it, when you need it by giving you the power and control to configure resources exactly the way you need them—and pay for only as much capacity as you use.

Powered by Terremark

vCloud Express is delivered from Terremark’s top-tier datacenters connected to a global web of 160 networks. It’s built on enterprise-class technology and supported by a leader in managed services and cloud computing.

Virtualized by VMware

vCloud Express is Virtualized by VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives you freedom and control, complete reliability and high security. That’s why VMware is the overwhelming choice for cloud computing, in use by all of the Fortune 100.

Easy to Use

vCloud Express features a simple Web-based console based on Terremark’s class-leading Enteprise Cloud platform. A full-featured API allows programmatic access to compute capacity. Standards-based architecture and support for a broad range of operating systems means we’re ready for your applications today, no customization required.

No Minimum Commitment

With vCloud Express, you pay only for the capacity you use, when you use it. You can add capacity at the click of a mouse for peak times, then scale back down when you don’t need it. Getting started takes just minutes and a credit card.

There’s No Comparison

Terremark vCloud Express Amazon EC2
VMware Based
Compatible Operating Systems More than 450 Less than 10
8-way, 16GB Virtual Machines
Windows 2008 & SQL 2008
Hardware Load Balancing
100% Fiber Attached Persistent Storage