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vCloud Express
from Terremark

The vCloud Express API provides secure RESTful access to many of the features and functions available within the My Cloud User Interface.

The RESTful API is easy to understand, implement, and compatible with most programming and scripting languages. Since the vCloud Express API extends your control over the My Cloud User Interface, we’ve included additional security to protect your account against unauthorized access. Access to the RESTful API is secured via SSL and your My Cloud user credentials.

With the vCloud Express API you can programmatically scale out your servers by invoking our copy server feature or simply reconfigure your servers to add more CPU, memory and storage to scale up. Or use the API to manipulate your load balancer and Internet settings to control traffic to your applications.

The following chart provides a sample of the features that can be leveraged with the vCloud Express RESTful API:

Server Operations

List Servers View a list of all servers currently deployed in your environment.
Server Creation Create a new server from one of our templates or copy an existing server.
Power Cycling Power On, Power Off, Shut down, or Restart your servers.
Delete Servers Completely delete servers from your environment.
Configure Servers Change your servers' CPU quantity, Memory configuration, and add or remove disks.

Network Operations

List IP Addresses View a list of all public and private IP addresses deployed in your environment.
Configure Internet Services Add or delete the Internet services (protocol and ports) on your public IP addresses. Enable or disable your Internet services.
Configure Load Balancing and Port Mapping Enable and disable the servers configured for load balancing with your Internet services. Add or delete the Internet services associated with your servers.

For additional information about our RESTful API, please visit the Product Documentation section of the vCloud Express Community.